The Amazing Multi-Purpose Washcloth

When I purchased my skein of this purple Euroflax linen, the intention was to make myself a washcloth to use in the swimming pool. I had already purchased some man-made fibre and used it, but since my gay knit group always introduced the new knitters to a simple washcloth to practice their new skills, it seemed that I was the only one without one, since I wasn’t a newbie.

I wanted to do something with a challenge though and I found it in the book Knitter’s Stash ( KS)which I had already used to make the Heavenly Camisole as a Christmas present for my friend Midge. The pattern that called to me was the Dragon Scales pattern which is found in other books as well – I found it most recently in the Vogue Knitting Stitchonary, (VKS) although there was a minor variation in the knitting instructions. KS called for an SSK decrease, while the VKS called for a K2tbl in its place. Seems I must have been psychic since I was actually using the K2tbl by mistake anyway.

Since I had a full skein, it seemed logical to use as much as the yarn as possible. The original pattern called for casting on 71 stitches to make a square washcloth. That gave a 5 pattern repeat. I didn’t need the piece that wide of course, so I cast on 45 stitches which gave a three pattern repeat instead. And I knit, and knit, and knit until I couldn’t stand it anymore and cast off with probably enough to do one more 12 row repeat. But who needed it? The washcloth was already 42 inches long which certainly was enough for me to hold in both hands and give my back a good scrub.

Here you see me demonstating the wonderful length of my washcloth. Forgive the partial nudity, but I am wearing my swimsuit which seemed to be the appropriate way to demonstrate the success of my endeavour. Just forgive the not quite perfect body. You do get to see my smile in the second picture of course.

Now what makes this the multi-purpose you ask? Well the next picture demonstrates how this lovely 42 inch washcloth will double quite nicely as a small but effective scarf. The good thing is that when this cloth is washed and dried in the dryer, or ironed with a nice hot iron, the linen softens up so that it is no longer scratchy as it is in its first iteration. Apparently the linen will continue to soften over time. The only disappointment is that although one can wear it to the pool on a cool winter’s evening, after using it as a washcloth it can’t be worn home quite so comfortably.

Me on my balcony with my rather mediaeval looking linen neckcloth.

Notwithstanding, this is a great success. I am very happy with my natural fibre washcloth and its alternate use as a scarf is just gravy. Good tasty gravy.


4 responses to “The Amazing Multi-Purpose Washcloth

  1. Nicely done, Nigel!


  2. Nicely done, Nigel!


  3. This scarf/washcloth really appeals to my multi-purpose sense.

  4. This scarf/washcloth really appeals to my multi-purpose sense.

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