Knitting in heat

Not cats, but temperature. I am in Puerto Escondido and the heat is opressive right now. I spent two weeks sunbathing nude on the beach in Zipolite, near Puerto Angel, then moved to Puerto Escondido where I have done hardly any sunbathing. Because of that my skin is starting to dry out and flake even though I smear lotion on during the day.

Since I don’t really like to look too much like a lizard, I am going to knit myself a cotton washcloth called Lacy Mock Cable. I found the pattern in the Dishcloth Boutique. Of course I don’t have the kind of cotton recommended in the pattern – mine is some mercerized cotton I bought in Pochutla, the main town near Puerto Angel and Zipolite. It’s purple, that’s no problem, but it’s finer than I would like.

No matter, I cast on one repeat more of the pattern (48 stitches) and it looks like it will be a decent width – I just have to knit it long enough. It will be a skimpy cloth though, very little heft to this yarn. One complaint about the pattern – it says to cast on 40 stitches, or a repeat of 8 plus 2 stitches. Well, the pattern is an 8 stitch repeat and that incorporates the edge stitches, so what’s that 2 stitches for. At least the author could have said something about a selvedge stitch, although that is certainly not necessary since the edge has three knit stitches anyway. I hope no unsuspecting new knitter finds this pattern and tries to make sense of it.

I have to go work on my project now. I’m only in the first half of the first pattern repeat, so there’s away to go. Time’s awasting.


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