Where have I been?

It’s been a long time. I have not felt the inspiration to blog as I should even though I have been knitting up a storm. Blame it on nothing. But today I put my Twitter feed up on my blog, so at least there will be new content.

Knitting up a storm: Designed and knit a pair of socks last week, knit two hats yesterday and today, finished off several other hats that needed additional decoration, started another sock today – same design, new yarn, hand-dyed, new recipient.

I think I may be coming back from my depression. That’s what this has been about – the non-participation I mean. I have other ideas to kickstart myself too. You’ll be hearing from me.


4 responses to “Where have I been?

  1. Just checked. It’s been almost exactly five months since the last entry. I’m sure I haven’t got a single reader left, lol.

  2. Welcome back.

  3. crafty wee midden

    hi from the wild and wet and windy Scottish east coast, where it’s twenty to eight in the evening…..time differences amaze me….

    just wanted to send empathy re the depression and how it can make one back off from things and not participate: has same effect on me. Funny thing is that I just realised that when I read this…so, thanks 🙂

    Claire(from the glb knit group)

  4. Renaud/Workum

    Heh! I look forward to the explicit knits. Still following your e-mails on the great Camino adventure.

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