MFKR 2009

The Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2009 was one of the highlights of my year. Yes, Socksummit 2009 was wonderful but even more so was the oppotunity to meet and knit with 28 other men who all knit great stuff and share their pleasure and knowledge with all of us. A great experience for me and one I want to repeat year after year now – as a matter of fact once a month would be nice too.

The Dumas Bay Center was a great location – we had a wonderful meeting room, with windows overlooking a beautiful green lawn and the deep blue of Puget Sound.  The food was excellent – Chef Rob took care of us a little too well perhaps – all those desserts I enjoyed. The wine was generously shared and poured. My bed was comfortable and I had a great view of the Sound from it too. And the grab-bag of wonderful things provided by yarn stores and people was an unexpected and very happy surprise.

WonderMike was such a good host – he led all the group events and kept us on our toes and on schedule.

WonderMike leads the contest give away

WonderMike leads the contest give away

Franklin was there – one of my favourite bloggers and a great person to know. He led the photography workshop and I have been using the ideas he shared with us ever since as well as telling others about it. Not all the photos you will see here were taken post class so don’t expect perfection yet.

Franklin has a big lens.

Franklin has a big lens.

We toured too. Here is Skacel Yarns for whom co-host Brian works and designs great patterns. He showed us his Knit Boxers and I had to have the pattern – haven’t bought the yarn yet but I know they are going to be fun to wear around the house. I looked for the pattern on the website but didn’t see it there. You’ll have to wait until I’ve knit it.

Look at us in the reflection - all ready to explore.

Look at us in the reflection - all ready to explore.

Franklin Habit on the left, then Brian and his colleagues from Skacel.

Franklin Habit on the left, then Brian and his colleagues from Skacel.

We got a tour of Skacel’s operations. They are wholesale, but the opportunity to be surrounded by so much yarn was not to be missed. And yes we were able to buy yarn through one of their customers, Morgan, who was also at the retreat with us.

Here are some of the others who shared the retreat experience with me. I didn’t get everyone, but you will get a flavour of the group. I had just a little disagreement with WordPress here, and let it have its own way. Hence you will see not only the attendees, but also the animals of Moonshadow Farm which we toured on Saturday.

We also got to tour Moonshadow Farms run by Deb and Nancy. It was such a pleasure to have them show us the animals – all those gorgeous alpacas, mothers and babies.

Deb and Nancy of Moonshadow Farm

Deb and Nancy of Moonshadow Farm

And very friendly animals.

Mike gets a little lovin'

Mike gets a little lovin'

It was a great day – folks were enjoying the weather and the animals.

Yes, I had a great time. I can hardly wait for the next West Coast retreat – but I will have to settle for the fact that over the next year I will be cementing my links with the men I met here this year.

Hasta la vista.

4 responses to “MFKR 2009

  1. You did a beautiful job of capturing how great the event was and it was delightful getting to see all your pictures of the event. It helps me keep the memories lasting as long as possible.

  2. Nigel, your photos and recap are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for capturing my lovey moment with that adorable alpaca. One of my fondest memories of the retreat!

  3. Knigel!

    Ditto what Joe said 🙂 !

    Love the re-cap of the events and amazing pictures!

    I hope your sock injury is on the mend???

    Did you ever figure out the garter lace pattern (we) took pictures of at Moonshadow???


  4. Nigel, thank you for the great write-up – it was so much fun to see all those pictures (and you’re very kind to have included me). I had a great time hanging out with you and I’m already looking forward to the next time. Keep the needles and the camera shutter clicking, buddy.

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